Adventura Shawl Adventure

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A lovely shawl that has me considering how ‘easy’ isn’t always so easy.

A shop sample of the Adventura shawl caught my eye as I was looking for something to show off some variegated yarn. I’m about half-way through the shawl and it has definitely got me thinking about patterns and usability.

This pattern does have a lot of features that improve usability. There are images of each version of the shawl, great descriptions of the overall structure of the shawl, a schematic of the shawl shape and knit direction, and even a chart for the lace version of the shawl.

I decided to knit the version with the eyelet mesh. The pattern directions seemed straightforward and I didn’t even (at the time) think twice about a chart not being included with the written directions.

The first section of the shawl is all stockinette and it went smoothly. I will admit to not following the pattern exactly: I knit more rows of alternating color than indicated by the pattern. But, I was still doing stockinette, so we’ll call this a color choice rather than a pattern alteration!


…the eyelet mesh is where it all went kaflooey! Who knew a series of [k2tog, yo] and [yo, ssk] repeats could be so very difficult! Honestly, if you’d asked me before attempting this pattern, I’d have said it wouldn’t be a problem.

I explain more fully in the video. But, basically, I knit the wrong pairs of stitches together for the K2tog which caused the columns of stitches to lean in the wrong directions. If I’d had a chart, I would have realized much sooner that something was amiss.

For the record, left leaning columns of k2tog actually look interesting… but, they just were not what the designer called for. In the future, I may incorporate the look into one of my own designs.

Your Thoughts?

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