Building Color Confidence

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I’m always trying to build my color confidence. 

I simply don’t feel confident when it comes to selecting colors for a project. Even though I am aware of color theory ideas, putting them into practice doesn’t come naturally to me.

As an added challenge, various colorwork techniques take quite a bit of time. If you select some colors and then knit up something, you have a lot time invested before you realize that the idea doesn’t look as lovely on the garment as it did in your head.

Thankfully, I saw an interview with Terri Malcolmson, a Shetland designer, on the Fruity Knitting podcast where shared some of her design strategies. My favorite (perhaps because it seems like something I might be able to do) was wrapping yarn around some cardboard to get a sense of how the colors might work together. To me, this seems brilliant!

Here’s my first attempt at using a color card. I was extremely thrilled with how easy this was to do. I quickly got a sense of whether I would like my color choices.

For the card at left, I like the red/brown combo on the natural background. I don’t like the paler green with the pink, but I do like the darker green with the pink.

So, I made a few changes. I have some mustard color yarn so I swapped out the pale green with mustard and added a bit more of the dark green to tie things together. At least, that was the plan.

Surprisingly, I do love the mustard and pink combo (not sure if I “should” like it, but I do!) But, I don’t like the red and the mustard (too bright – like McDonalds or something). However, perhaps in smaller ‘pops’ of color, it might be ok.

In short – just having an easy way to test my color choices is helping me build confidence. Let me know what you think!

Your Thoughts?

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