Crazy Design Process

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Time passes. Stitches are knit and tinked, crocheted and frogged. Projects are completed and gifted. The stash grows.

I’ve spent the better part of the past week organizing and cataloguing my stash on Ravelry. I’ve mostly completed that very large project so, of course, I celebrated my ‘success’ by visiting a few local yarn stores.  Then, because it was just too lovely to pass up (and because Helen said I should just go for it), I got some more yarn.

This particular yarn is an ethically sourced, non-superwash, DK weight Merino that is soft & super touchable. Plus it’s in my favorite color palette: purples, oranges, and greens. As a bonus, the yarn is a collaboration between My Sister Knits and Hue Loco. It’s called Local and I’m fondly thinking of it is Loco Local as in “crazy for local” artisanal yarn.  😍

Normally, I’d let the yarn sit in my stash awhile so I could consider what I might do with my impulse purchase. Then the drama would begin. You know the drill: buy some yarn with absolutely no idea what you might do with it, then after some time has passed, find a pattern and curse wildly because you didn’t purchase enough yarn and you know you won’t be able to get more. Sound familiar?

Well, that’s not to be the case, this time! My Sister Knits is doing a Tuesdays in October KAL for those who purchased Local. This isn’t your standard KAL. There is no pattern that everyone is following. It’s just a time set aside for us to get together and knit with our Loco Local.

You know what that means? I need to create a pattern quickly.
Let the crazy design process begin!

After buying the yarn, I spent the next 45 minutes (the drive home from the yarn store) mentally slapping myself for even thinking about doing another project right now.  Once I was home and resigned to not being swayed by my ‘that’s just crazy‘ argument, I started thinking about how I might combine colors. That phase of the process only lasted a few minutes before I began to sweat and freak out at my lack of color sense!  This led me to flipping through my books – 150 Scandinavian Motifs and 200 Fair Isle Motifs – to think about pattern rather than color.  This phase also didn’t last long because the color question was still taking up quite a bit of head space.  Finally, I went to bed and dreamed of multi-colored bugs. Really?!?  Can my dreams get any more obvious!

That was yesterday.  Today, I got out my colored pencils and doodled a bit to focus my thinking about color combinations.  I again got overwhelmed. It was about that time that I felt a pressing need to walk the dog, do the dishes, wind some yarn, and even look at patterns for some other yarn I have.  😓 

This was getting me nowhere so I started scrolling through projects in Ravelry. I began with stranded colorwork projects and looked at color while also trying to decide what type of project: hat & scarf? vest or sweater?  I think I’ve (almsot!) settled on a few small items since this will be a hand wash, air dry item.  Then again, I think a larger project will let me go crazy with some multiple motif action!  As all this was bouncing around in my head, I thought, “hey, what about some slip stitch colorwork!”  Because I don’t have enough problems with color combinations, I have to add problems with color techniques.  HA.

And that brings us to this blog post.  Hey – when your head is spinning in circles, sometimes the best thing to do is to move to a different project.  Now that I’ve spent a few minutes writing up my process so far, I realize I still need to do a swatch to check gauge.  I’ll use that time to also try out some color combinations.  Then, I may be ready to move on to creating an actual pattern.  I only have until Tuesday, so I really need to be a bit quicker about this.

It’s not pretty, but it is all a part of the crazy design process.

Your Thoughts?

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