First Mitts

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I’ve started my first pair of knitted mittens. In part, it’s the fault of #blamedunderknitalong but, mostly, it’s due to my inability to make a decision.

I go a little crazy when I’m not able 
to make up my mind  about some design challenge. 
The culprit? My colorful cardigan.
So, until I figure it out, I will invariably 
begin several other projects 
to distract myself from this decision.

Anyway,  I picked up Falkland Aran Heathers from the Pure Bliss collection that will do nicely for a pair of mittens.  I thought it was a decent price considering it was almost 200 yards of aran weight eco wool from sustainably-raised sheep. Aside from those fine characteristics, it is a nice, soft yarn.

I’m not going off any specific pattern. Instead, I’ve read several basic mitten patterns and, since there’s only so many ways you can construct a mitten for an average human hand, I feel fairly confident I can wing it and do a basic mitten sans instructions. We’ll see how that goes!

So far, I’ve completed the ribbed cuffs for both mittens, but will have to pause to get more needles.  I can’t believe I don’t have the right size needles!  Honestly, I have a few different sets of needles and plenty of individuals, but not a US7 or US8 with a long enough, flexible enough cable to do these mittens two-at-a-time with magic loop.  

Yes, I _could_ do them individually.  I did the cuffs individually with the US5 FlexiFlips and I have some in a  US8 that would work for the body.  But, I am winging the pattern – including some impromptu colorwork with a slightly heavier yarn – and so I would like to do them together instead of writing out the pattern.    (side note – I have to double-check, but I’m pretty sure I did one extra row of ribbing on the second cuff… <sigh>)

Yep… colorwork.  I _have_ to do it (that, or cables) because I just can’t bring myself not to.  I tried to stick with the basics: one color, no fancy stuff.  I thought it might be better since these are my first.  But, I can’t.

Your Thoughts?

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