So many goals, so little time! 🙂

I want to learn all the things. LOL And, this blog is about my learning all the fiber-related things… well, maybe not _all_ of them, but certainly many of them: crochet, knit, spin, and weave. Later, I may even re-visit tatting and rug hooking – who knows!

Anyway, I like to keep a journal of my goals and my attempts at reaching those goals. I find that it helps me stay on track a bit better. Plus, writing things down helps me remember them. So, I’ll keep track of my goals and progress here. If this also helps you make progress on your fiber journey (or even just entertains you), so much the better.

I’ll keep updating all my goals on these pages and I’ll post when I have things to share. Feel free to follow along. I love learning from others’ experiences as much as I love learning from my own.

To get started, see my knitting, spinning, and weaving goals or simply dive into my related knitting, spinning, weaving, and crochet posts.