Spinning Goals

Round and round she goes…

I have this fond memory of visiting the Henry Ford Museum in the 70s to check out their exhibit of life in the 1800s. I specifically remember getting to try spinning on an old spinning wheel. I don’t remember how well I did at spinning, but I remember being amazed at the process. Since then, I’ve periodically considered learning how to spin.

Of course, I don’t expect it to be easy. I am hopeless when trying to coordinate different muscle movements and I’m not particularly adept at spatial coordination. That means that attempting to try to spin on a drop spindle (spatial drama!) or regular spinning wheel (coordination drama!) is out of the question as a first step. However, I think an e-spinner may address both of those dilemmas. So, I purchased an e-spinner and I hope to learn a few things by practice on my own and perhaps some private tutoring.

Anyway, 40+ years after my initial experience with spinning, I’m kicking off my spinning goals with Tour de Fleece 2019. My goal for the Tour is to simply spin a little each day. Hopefully, that will give me a chance to get to know my e-spinner and get a feel for how fiber feels.

As I get a bit of experience, my next set of goals will involve reading, watching videos, and speaking with experienced spinners. That should help me identify future spinning goals.

Wish me luck!

Starting my spinning journey!