Weaving Goals

I’m a geek so I can’t even begin to resist saying, “warp speed ahead.”

About 4 months ago, I took a class on weaving with a rigid heddle loom. Prior to that, I’d not really woven anything. I don’t even think I did the obligatory art class weaving of paper strips as a child. But, I do love woven fabric and so, when I had a chance to take a weaving class, I jumped at the opportunity!

I’ve done some plain weave items since that class, but I have tons to learn. As with my spinning goals, I don’t know enough to establish many significant goals. However, there are a few challenges I’ve run into during my few completed projects that I’d definitely like to address. Specifically, I really want to get a handle on fixing mistakes, selecting the appropriate dent size, and doing something other than plain weave on a basic rigid heddle loom.

That’s a start, I guess. Wish me luck!