Inspired by: Jen Arnall-Culliford

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Edge detail of the Nut-Hap by Jen Arnall-Culliford

While scrolling through Ravelry, I happened upon Jen Arnall-Culliford’s Nut-Hap and was immediately smitten! The colors and texture certainly caught my eye, but it was the multi-layered edge that kept me looking. I’m so thrilled there are such great designers out there! They really inspire me to try new things.

Thankfully, there was an accompanying set of videos to demonstrate the technique.  This gave me the opportunity to try it out and see if I liked the process as much as the product.

Here’s my first attempt. I began with dark color and then added the lighter color. The technique was a bit fiddly to begin, but I felt more confident as I progressed. I certainly need to practice more. The join stitches could be a bit tighter and I need to work on gauge a bit.

I think I like the technique as much as the resulting product. After just a small swatch, I felt a wee bit of “woo hoo! I can do this!” so now I must do more! 

I’m going to do something with these yarns I used for practice (Hikoo Sueño). Then,  I think I’ll move on, once I get better, to revising my plans for my Loco Local Scarf. I can see me going from the grey for the body to the variegated, teal, orange, and finally purple for the edge tucks! I think I still want to do a bit of ribbed cable work, but definitely also want to do this edging. Decisions! Decisions!

Your Thoughts?

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