Knit & Crochet Cowls

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It was a week of cowls. Not all ended perfectly, but all provided opportunities for learning.

Colorful Stripes

The knit cowl in greens, blues, greys, and natural is made from Pepperberry Knits / Lux Adorna Knits Cashmere.    It is just a basic tube in stockinette.  It was my first attempt at Kitchener Stitch.  I botched it. The first few inches looked seamless. But, I put it down and, when I picked it back up, I started in the wrong part of the 4-step process. <sigh>.  Not seamless…   I’ll do better the next time.

Snuggly Softness

My next knit cowl, the white one, was using Makers’ Mercantile Cashmere Dream.   The pattern – 4 rows of herringbone stitches on each end and in the middle separated by stockinette – was nice and I enjoyed working with the yarn.  The challenge for me with this pattern was that it used US 17 needles. I typically work with much smaller needles. My hands kept getting tired and I had to stop frequently.

Fast Checkerboard

The Tunisian crochet checkerboard cowl uses Zitron Lifestyle. It was a heavier twist yarn than I normally use, but I think it works well with my pattern.  I created this one for a double-ended Tunisian crochet in-the-round class.

Slanted Perspective

Finally, the double-ended Tunisian crochet cowl in silver and purple uses Zitron Luv & Lee.  It is a softer, fuzzy single ply superwash merino that feels nice against the neck.  I also designed this one for the double-ended Tunisian in-the-round class.

Aside from the cowl with the mangled Kitchener stitch, I think I’ll gift the others.  I got enjoyment out of making them and learned several knew things – Kitchener, herringbone, and jogless color changes in knitting – while doing them.  So, I will count these as successes.

Your Thoughts?

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