Llama & Kid Mohair/Silk Throw

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Llamor & Kid Seta

My plan was to work on Jann Hoppler’s Ebb & Flow Shawl pattern.  Then, I saw Hikoo Llamor (El Sol) and Schulana Kid Seta (#46) in a color that would be perfect for my decor…

So, first change to plan:  I’ll increase the repeats in the pattern and make a throw.   That idea didn’t last long.  I was so busy worrying about whether I was picking up both strands of yarn that I kept losing count.  I decided to hold off on Jann’s pattern and do one of my own for this throw.

Llamor & Kid Seta in twisted stockinette w/ US8 needles

Second change to the plan: A 1″ border with twisted stockinette and body of throw in garter drop stitch.  I figure the slightly denser fabric of the border made by the twisted stitches will hold up nicely while still maintaining a more drapey fabric in the body because of the drop (elongated) stitches.  So far, I am liking the border and, once I got used to knitting through the back loop, I was able to pick up the pace a bit.  It still felt fiddly to me, but I think that is because of carrying along the much thinner Kid Seta.

Soon enough I’ll know whether this will work. In the meantime, did I mention how crazy soft this yarn is.  Seriously… deliciously, awesomely soft.

Special shout out of thanks to Carol.  I was at Maker’s Mercantile working on this and she helped me decide needle size for this project. She also helped me with doing eyelets for Knit Purl Hunter’s 14 Carat Poncho KAL, but that’s a story for another post.

Tools & Techniques

When I mention specific stitches or tools, I’ll be sure to mention them in this section.  If how-to videos are available, I’ll feature them here. I won’t be doing my own videos because there are so many great folks already doing helpful videos that I’d rather reference them. Especially for knitting since I’m such a newbie.    

K tbl – knit through back loop  (featuring New Stitch a Day)

twisted stockinette (stockinette using K tbl)
r1: K tbl  across
r2: P across
repeat r1-r2 for pattern

Drop (elongated) stitch (featuring Knit Purl Hunter)

garter drop stitch (garter stitch with inclusion of a row of dropped (elongated) stitches
cast on:  any number of stitches
r1-r4: K across (garter stitch)
r5: *K1 winding yarn 2 times around needle; rep from * to end
r6: K across, dropping extra wraps
rep r1-r6 for pattern

Addi Natura Circulars – I love how these feel.  They’re smooth, but not so slippery smooth that my newbie knitter self has to struggle to keep the yarn from whooshing off the needles.  I have collected quite a few different needles, but these are among my favorites.

HiKoo Llamor ‘el sol’ – Oh, my!  Did I mention how soft this yarn is?

Schulana Kid Seta – I used a golden yellow color #46 but I think that color is from a previous color collection. I haven’t worked much with mohair, but I am enjoying the experience.

Small note: I didn’t realize how many Skacel products I actually used until this very moment.  So, for the record, I do love their stuff, but I’m not being paid to promote them.  

Just for fun…  I don’t have my camera equipment set up yet. When I do, the photos should get better.  In the interim, enjoy one of my  ‘yarnies.’

Your Thoughts?

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