Llama Throw Symmetry Challenges

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 As you can see from the image on the left, I had to resort to using a lifeline.  Fortunately, I had learned from a video from Very Pink Knits that I could add a lifeline after knitting in order to rip out the work back to a certain spot.  

In my case, I have been kinda designing “on-the-fly”  so I ran across some symmetry issues that I didn’t consider.  Specifically,  I added in a center point to my work – a visual element to add interest.  This led me to want to have mirror symmetry (or as close as possible) without actually knitting the two halves separately and then knitting them together.  

In the above image, you can see the lifeline I am adding.  This is because I want to reverse the order of the last two rows of yellow (near the top of the image) so they more closely approximate the two rows of yellow that are near the bottom of the image.   
In the first half of the throw, the basic pattern was (not including the 7 border stitches on each side)
row 1 (right side): knit across
row 2 – 4:  knit across
row 5: knit across, wrapping the yarn twice each knit for an elongated stitch
row 6: knit across
But, to make the second half look like a mirror image, I had to reverse rows 5-6 of the pattern so my garter rows would ‘match.’   That put the elongated stitches on the “wrong” side so they do look slightly different. You can see in the image on the right that, while the throw does not have perfect mirror image halves, it is closer than the above image. 

Of course, I still have at least one other “oops” that you can see in this image.   Can you spot it?  

I do like how this is turning out.  I like the colors and the drape and the warmth and the cuddly softness… ooooh, the cuddly softness.            

Did I mention it was soft?   šŸ™‚

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Knitting Help – Lifelines  by Very Pink Knits

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