Lots of Plans

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Welcome to my latest blog endeavor!  My name is Bethany and I’ve been knitting for about four years. I love everything about knitting and I’m always looking to learn more. 

As my knitting improves (I still have so much to learn!), I find myself making all sorts of plans. I want to learn new knitting techniques, design knitted items, trek to the big fiber festivals like the Sheep & Wool Festival (aka ‘Rhinebeck’) and the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and participat in KALs, just to name a few. 

So many plans!

I’m a fan of what folks in my day job refer to as ‘learning out loud’ (sharing one’s learning experiences as a way to learn more deeply).  To benefit from that, I’ll be blogging about my knitting adventures.  If you also find this valuable, so much the better!

What will you find here?  Well, while they may change over time, my current plans are to include links to resources for improving knitting techniques, ideas for knitted items, draft knit patterns that are looking for a critical eye, interesting knit objets d’art, scenes from fiber festivals, links to the blogs & podcasts of knitters who inspire me, my knitting experiences, yarns I love, and more. 

This is a new blog, so there’s not much here right now except for some posts from a previous blog that I’ve imported. 🙂 I welcome you to check it out, make suggestions, and so on.   Thanks for dropping by!

Your Thoughts?

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