Mohair Mayhem

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Adventures with a bulky mohair blend…

Mentioned in the video: Roses are Red by Pia Kammeborn

I’ll start by saying that I love this hat and have been basically living in it since I completed it. It is light, yet warm – perfect for wearing inside! I also really like how the inside color of the cuff just barely peeks out when I’m wearing it. I have enough to do another and I will, but with some modifications based on my experiences with this one.

Based on the post title and opening video, you have probably guessed that my experience knitting this hat was not optimal! As I already noted in the video, casting on was problematic. Casting on over a spare circular needle cable would have been the best option, but the fuzziness of the yarn made it challenging to know if I was twisting the stitches when I tried to join in the round. So, I went for the crochet cast-on method. This worked fine…until I had to remove the waste yarn. 🙂 Even though I chose a smooth yarn, the mohair fibers really got tangled up and it took me the better part of 30 minutes to remove the waste yarn and pick up the stitches. Considering I only had 78 stitches, that was quite a time-consuming process. Next time, I’ll try casting on over a circular needle and, to avoid twisting the stitches, I’ll include a lifeline.

Knitting was also a bit of a slog at first – mostly because the yarn kept getting hung up on the join of my circular needles. I first tried 16-inch olive wood circular needles, but the join between cable and needle size was just too great and the yarn would get stuck at the join. I switched to magic loop method and nickel-plated needles that had a more gradual join. Not only did I have the same problem, but I also introduced a significant laddering of stitches. UGH! Finally, I settled on DPNs. It worked better. It wasn’t optimal for me because I’m not used to knitting with DPNs, but that just means I have another knitting goal to add to my list!

The rest of my knitting experience was fine. I think the hat turned out ok and I do love wearing it.

Your Thoughts?

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