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My first Latvian braid.

Never underestimate the benefits of looking at other knit projects! I was struggling to come up with an interesting design for my Loco Local Hat until I saw a Latvian braid on someone else’s project (thank you, Ravelry). It looked interesting and it was something new for me to try! Once that decision was made, it helped begin to shape the rest of the hat design. 

The other  design factor I have to contend with is yarn amounts. I originally began with 200g of solid gray, 200g of variegated, and 100g each of orange, purple, and green (dark teal, really).  About 170g each of gray and variegated are being used in another project and I still want to do some fingerless mitts…  Being mindful of these things, I definitely want to use more orange, purple, and green than the other colors so I don’t have to purchase more yarn (again!).

As I write the above, I realize I’m going to rip out my work on the Loco Local Scarf and change the dimensions and a few other things. I like fussing around til I get something I really like so this is just all part of my crazy design process.  For me, it’s fun.

Anyway, based on my swatch, I knew that I like this yarn knit up in a US #5, but I did the ribbing with a US #6 and then switched to a US #5 for the braid.  This was just a guess based on the braid being in purl stitches which are wider than knit stitches.

I got lucky and guessed correctly with the braid.
A swatch would have been better because I would have seen that 
preferred ribbing on both sides of the braid.
C’est la vie!  

Now I just have to figure out how to finish this… I’d like to use some more of the green and possibly some of the solid gray.

October 17, 2018 Update

The Loco Local Hat is finished.   I’m moderately happy with it – the band of green (dark teal) is the bit I’d change… but mostly it’s fine.  It certainly will keep my head warm.   I did attempt to make a pom pom using all the colors, but I just never can get it the way I want. I guess if I liked pom poms more, I’d try a bit harder.  🙂 

What did I learn from this particular project?  For starters, I got a better sense of how different color patterns impact the gauge.  The purple and orange arrows sections have a looser gauge than the green alternating stitch section.  I’ll keep that in mind next time I design some colorwork pattern. 

What skill do I want to work on / improve, based on my experience with this? I’d like to get better weaving in ends in colorwork patterns.  I’d also like to work a top down hat next time. I’ve only done bottom up patterns so I need to learn how to do top down to expand my capabilities.

Your Thoughts?

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