Mosaic Knitting Fun

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Well, I finished a shawl project.  I used Malabrigo Rios – a superwash worsted – for the first time. It has a nice feel and their colors are quite vibrant. I did like working with this yarn (it blocked out amazingly soft and squishy!) and will most likely do another project with it.

For this particular shawl, I choose Archangel (body) and Pearl (mosaic pattern) colorways. I’m not a ‘color-confident’ person, but I think I did ok putting these two colors together.  The pearl has a slight dusty grey-purple cast and it really shined with the purples in Archangel. 

I started out with the pattern Walk in the Woods but after 1 repeat of the mosaic pattern, I really needed to do something different. So, I followed up with several rows of solid Pearl color and then alternated 2 rows of each color in stripes.  I like how it turned out – especially the stripe rows because some of them are purl ridge rows and so the width of the color lines varies. The shape is nice and, as long as you’re careful to not pull your edge stitches too tightly, you end up with a nice edge.

Originally, I thought this shawl might be for me. But a family member saw it and asked if it was for her. Since she liked it so much, I figured I’d gift it to her for Christmas. Since I struggle with what to make for folks, this actually turned out quite well for me.   😇

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