My Local Yarn Wonderland

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Also known as the Longmont Yarn Shoppe!

When I moved from Seattle, I was worried that I wouldn’t find another great local yarn store. Fortunately, my concerns were misplaced. Longmont is home to a veritable wonderland of yarn called the Longmont Yarn Shoppe.

The shop has a great selection of yarn, but what makes the LYS special is the people. The owners, staff, and patrons are simply wonderful.

I’ve been to many other yarn stores. Like many of you, I view every trip out of town as an occasion to visit a new yarn store. Most stores have a decent selection of yarn, but the memorable part of any visit is how we’re treated by the people there.

I love that LYS can mean either local yarn store or Longmont Yarn Shoppe.

I remember my first visit to Longmont Yarn Shoppe as if it were yesterday. I was thrilled to find a yarn store in town. I walked in and found a warm, cozy, welcoming place. Skeins, balls, cakes, and hanks of yarn filled every nook and cranny. It was one of those delightful places that you just knew was going to make you feel like you were on a treasure hunt. But, what I remember most is Donnie, Theresa, and Sandy greeting me like an old friend and making me feel welcome and comfortable.

It’s been 9 months since that first visit. I’m there about once a week to say hi, check out the inventory, and sit and knit. It is still a cozy, warm, and welcoming environment. It is still chock full of fabulous yarn. Most important, it still has some awesome folks.

If you’re ever nearby, do stop in and take a look around! You’ll enjoy the experience, I promise!

The Longmont Yarn Shoppe also carries items from local artisans and tools and materials for spinners, weavers, and felters. They also have fun classes with wonderful teachers. I only mention yarn in the above description because, as a knitter and crocheter, that is what grabs my attention first. 🙂

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