My Plotulopi Arrives

Voiced by Amazon Polly

After days of receiving text alerts, I finally got notified that my yarn had been delivered. I ran to my post box and almost got into it with the mail carrier when he told me to go away and come back in 20 minutes! 🙂 Just kidding! I knew he had to send me away because all the post boxes were open and he doesn’t know me.

When I finally got home with my yarn, I tore open the package and just basked in the lovely colors and the super-soft feel of this delicious unspun wool. I absolutely can’t wait to swatch it! Until then, here’s my initial thoughts.

Mentioned in the video: Larsdatter by Kristin Drysdale & Nightfall by Skeindeer Knits; Mandarine’s podcast

While you wait for my Plotulopi swatch experience, you can watch Get to Know Plotulopi.

Your Thoughts?

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