“Nod to Bridget” Cowl

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JulieSpins – Half Pint “Peachy” (top)
Townhouse Yarns – Grafton 4 Ply “Toffee Pop”

I’ve gotten a start on my first project for the  #blamedunderknitalong KAL

I purchased the Townhouse Yarns Grafton back in 2016 during a yarn crawl. It is soft and has a slight halo. Then, a few weeks ago, I purchased the JulieSpins because I thought it would look nice with the Grafton.

I don’t have a pattern for this. Instead, I’m making it up as I go and I know it’ll be a cowl. I also know I want the Grafton nearer to my neck and face because it has the cashmere in it.

With those things in mind, I’m starting this design from the bottom up with JulieSpins.  It has more nylon in it so I think it will wear better – an important consideration since that part of the cowl will be rubbing on my jacket or other clothing.

I’m going to begin with a 32-inch circumference. I have in mind something that “puddles” around my neck and down onto my shoulders and I think 32 inches is a good starting point for that.  But, as I get higher up, I’m going to decrease that circumference to about 24 inches or so (maybe!)

Closer to the bottom, I’ll be doing the wave pattern from the Bridget socks using both yarns. I think I can probably get about 8 inches with that patter.n Or, that’s the plan. I do hope the two yarns are different enough to be able to see the pattern. If not, I’ll come up with a different plan.

After that, if all goes well, I’ll transition to just the Townhouse Yarns and do another 10 inches or so. I want to add some dimension to this part of the cowl so I’ll either do some sort of texture or perhaps some dimensional tuck stitches.  We’ll see.

Update January 2019
The color change was too subtle. I ripped it out. I’ll return to this project with different yarn!

Your Thoughts?

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