Resolution KAL

Resolutions! Every year, I make them. Sometimes, I even keep them!

I have noticed that I am more likely to keep my resolutions when I enlist the support of friends, identify a reward for doing well, and plan in consequences for falling short of my goals.

Since I’m a knitter, this made me think of KALs and how they’re like little resolutions around knitting.  You know – we all agree to knit a project, we help each other keep up with our knitting, and the thought of telling folks we stopped knitting is enough of a consequence to keep us going.  🙂 

But, how to design a KAL that would encourage me to keep my non-knitting resolution and provide consequences if I didn’t keep the resolution?  A few ideas came to mind, but the one I thought might be easiest was related to color. 

Yep! Specifically, a CC or “Consequence Color!”

The short version: We’ll knit for 21 days on a lovely project in a color we love, but any day that we don’t meet our resolution goal, we’ll have to knit in a different color.  This will provide a very visible indicator of when we don’t meet our resolution goal.  This color can be one we don’t like, one that clashes with our project, or simply just a different color.  It would depend on how much of a ‘consequence’ you would need to stay with your goal!

That was about as far as I got with details, so I ran the idea past our 2018 Project Peace KAL group and they helped by encouraging me and by making great suggestions.  Cassie & Gail thought it was a nifty idea. Talia suggested the Honey Cowl, which everyone thought would be a great pattern for this.  Then, Jennifer offered to help run the KAL locally and promote it in her group.  Finally, Amy (a new Ravelry friend), also provided lots of encouragement They all gave me just the push I needed to follow through!

Oh, wow.  This is gonna happen! I’m excited… and a bit nervous / overwhelmed. 

KAL Details

Date: January 1 – 21, 2019
Pattern: Honey Cowl 

General Guidelines:   The pattern calls for DK weight yarn.  Pick your colors!
       MC: Main color – a favorite color
       CC: Consequence color – a different color; preferably one that you’re not fond or one that doesn’t quite match your MC.   

Using DK weight yarn, you’ll probably get a gauge of about 8 rows per inch.  So, if you want a cowl that is about 11″ tall (as called for in the pattern), you’ll want to knit one repeat (4 rows or 1/2 inch) every day.  This will result in a cowl around the stated 11 inches tall.  

Knit one repeat every day.  The color you use for the daily repeat should be the indicator of whether you met your resolution goal for the day.  So, if you met your goal, knit in your MC; if not, knit in your CC or ‘consequence color!’

KAL Options

Prefer to do another pattern or different weight? No problem! This idea will work with any pattern or yarn.  

Need an example:  Let’s say you’re knitting with sport weight yarn.    Determine how many rows per inch you’re getting with your yarn.  Multiply the rows per inch by the desired  height of your object.  Then divide by 21 days to get the number of rows per day you’ll need to knit to get to that height.  Knit those number of rows each day in the color that indicates whether you met or did not meet your goal.  

Need another example?   Let’s say you’re knitting a scarf that is 600 rows long.  Divide 600 by the 21 days of the KAL to find out how many rows you need to knit each day (28.5 / call it 29, for this example).  Then, each day, knit 29 rows in the color that indicates whether you met your resolution goal that day or not.   

Resolution KAL Social Media Fun!

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