Swatching Plotulopi

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And sketching out my basic design plan…

This was my first experience knitting with unspun yarn and I loved every stitch! I was a little nervous that it might be beyond my current skill level to work with unspun yarn. I was also concerned that I would pull the fibers as I knit and inadvertently break the yarn. But, I didn’t experience any problems. It was, mostly, like knitting with regular yarn.

Knit swatch with Plotulopi

The first 4 inches (starting from left) are with US #8 / 5mm needles. The remainder is with US #9 / 5.5mm needles.

I was also experimenting with how the 3 colors looked when held together in various combinations.

The Plotulopi is really quite soft and lovely. It even feels great next to my neck. That really decreases my apprehension about the neckline of a sweater. Even so, I will most likely steek this and turn it into a cardigan to wear over other shirts.

Gauge / Tension
After swatching, I decided I preferred the US #8 / 5mm needles. I’m getting 3.5 stitches & 5 rows per inch when holding two strands of Plotulopi together and I really like the resulting fabric.

Initial Design Measurements
After doing some quick measurements, and considering how I like my sweaters and cardigans to fit a bit loosely, I came up with the following sweater schematic.

A sweater schematic with basic measurements in inches.

Basic measurements, including positive ease, for my sweater.

Then, based on my gauge / tension, I converted those measurements to stitches and rows.

A sweater schematic indicating rows and stitches in place of inches.

Inches converted to stitch and row counts for each sweater segment.

This will be my first sweater design from scratch. It is a bit different from designing a shawl and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit over my head! I think I have a good start with the measurements. I plan to do top-down construction with a raglan sleeve because I perceive that to be a much simpler construction method for a first-time design.

Amazingly enough, I do have a basic idea in my head for the color design. Generally speaking, the color selection and planning would give me fits. I am simply not color confident! However, I think I’m so focused on the actual construction of this garment, that I don’t have as much time to agonize over the colors. 🙂 More on that in a future post.

Your Thoughts?

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