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I have no idea what this knitting-in-progress will turn out to be: a meditation mat, a bath mat…  quién sabe. To be honest, I just really wanted an excuse to get some more Addie Olive Wood circular needles from Makers’ Mercantile.

The pattern is a basic chevron  with increases and decreases.  For this project, I learned how to do the mitered decrease.  I’ve also seen this called the center double decrease and the S2KP2. I thought this would be challenging when holding two strands of yarn together, but it actually turned out to be pretty easy.

I was going to do a garter stitch border but decided to do a crochet border instead.  My change in plans is a direct result of forgetting to actually *do* the border and not noticing until about 10 rows into the project.   That’s ok, though!  I like mixing knit and crochet so it gives me a chance to practice.  And, sometimes, you just don’t really want to frog that much.

Tools & Techniques

Addie Olive Wood Circular Needles – Warm, smooth, and beautiful.

HiKoo CoBaSi Plus – I am using this yarn to aid in quick drying in case I end up using it as a bath mat. Plus, I really like the texture.

HiKoo Sueño – This yarn adds some softness and really nice stitch definition.  Also, I just love those orange and rust colors because they remind me of my favorite flower – the poppy!


Center Double Decrease (featuring New Stitch a Day)
    If you’re interested in other knitting decreases, check out Knitting Help- Comparing Decreases  (featuring Very Pink Knits)

Basic Chevron Pattern (as done in this project)
    r1: k1, ssk, k9, yo, (k1, yo, k10, md, k10, yo) repeat until 13 sts remain, k1, yo, k9, k2tog, k1
    r2: k across (Ktbl on yarn overs)
    rep r1-r2 once more
    r3: k1, ssk, k9, yo, (k1, yo, k10, md, k10, yo) repeat until 13 sts remain, k1, yo, k9, k2tog, k1
    r4: p across (Ptbl) on yarn overs
    rep r3-r4 3 more times
Spice it up by varying the number of repeats or adding more colors!

Your Thoughts?

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